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Oscar Wilde's "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" leads sharply edged through central explosive and sociologically immanent important themes of the Victorian era. Self-alienation, loss of reality, egoism, depression, and painful social confusion is symbolically experienced through the creation of the young Dorian Gray's portrait. The novel has not lost its relevance, it's rather the opposite.

Our short film adaption of the novel uses contemporary dance as a figurative element, acting in the tradition of a silent movie, the genius of Oscar Wildes' defining quotes, and impetuous and tenderly vehement music to serve the vision, the force, and the depth of the novel.

The film leads through the central chapters of the novel, from creation to the death of  Dorian Gray and sets a mark against the permanent struggle to seek the perfect and infinite beauty.


Direction & Music:  Marc Elsner

Dance & Choreograpy: Caroline Gerbeckx

Cinematography: Agnesh Pakozdi

Edit & Sound: Florian Willuhn

Picture & Installation: Sandra Christine Dick

Sounddesign & Flute:  Stefanie Steinbichl

Saxophone: Roger Döring

Dangerous Lover

Color remains a color.
A human remains human.
When time gives people a change, aren't we still the same people with the same qualities?
With the distance and mindfulness focus, the corona continues its circle. The rhythm pulsates constantly.
How do we take care of each other? How do I react? What is my need for control?
The (transforming) dancer personifies adaptation, transformation, transformation, transformation.
With new knowledge, the (self) perception changes, and there is a change - metamorphosis.



Dance & Choreography: Caroline Gerbeckx

Direction & Music: Marc Elsner

Edit: Florian Willuhn

Füllbilder (17).jpg



We see the atmospheric contrast of images from Lockdown 2020 and artistic ecstasy.
A game of regression and bloom.
Controlled and managed by the cultural authority Ma'am T in the control center of a former artists' house. The executive force is Miss CaGe, with the mandate to limit and set limits to freelance artists. Here is the main character Zoja, filmed as a lonely dancer in beautiful locations during the Corona lockdown.
The story finds its excess in intense and extravagant encounters and dialogues in the disused artists' spaces and ends in a final transformative confrontation between Ma'am T and Zoja.
All are one - if we manage to create a symbiosis of conflicts of interest.

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