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About Us

The artistic encounter between Caroline Gerbeckx and Marc Elsner grew out of their different creative professions in the year 2018. They met in their retreat-haven in Berlin Mitte, the artist-island Eschschloraque. Carolines' dance-performances impressed Marc in such a strong manner that he took the chance and persuaded her to explore where their artistic minds would overlap. Caroline listened to Marc's music and was introduced to his film- and sound-universe. She became a fan right away, so their roadmap was sealed: Creating innovative and courageous dance-movies!

We want to reflect on contemporary expressions of all art movements, underline social and political questions, but also explore interpersonal forces and the longings of our humankind.

***  CaGeMe translates and creates in dance, music and cinema. ***


*** CaGeMe faces the indisposed in order to find unity. ***

***  Just CaGeMe. ***


Caroline Gerbeckx

dancer | choreographer | dance therapist | organizer

"I love this moment when the music creeps into me and I lose everything around me, only then I feel myself right here and now."

Caroline Gerbeckx is a dancer and dance teacher from Berlin. She completed her audition at the ballet school of the Leipzig Opera. She worked already with Prof. Uwe Scholz, Martin Wende, Mario Schröder, and Mirko Mahr.
In 2014 she took over the artistic direction of the independent Berlin dance ensemble.

SR & Company and has since then been responsible as a dancer, choreographer, and manager.

Caroline ́s very personally cultivated dance style has developed over the years into a powerful and always sensitive elegant symbiosis of contemporary dance and exciting performing arts. The audience gladly surrenders to her extraordinarily engaging, attractive, and exciting charisma and thus allows himself to be spun into her cosmos of thoughts:

"Every movement has a reason. You just have to take the time to explore each one."

Through the synthesis of his activities, Marc Elsner - born and raised in Hamburg - has a firm place in the avant-garde of the current movement „Screen Dance“.
The autodidactic musician always combines his artistic work with amusement, political battle and the beauty of every statue.

Inspired by the pictorial language of extraordinary directors such as Wong Kar-Wai, Andrew Niccol, Sofia Copolla and the approach of Wim Wenders, Marc Elsner always works out a contentious consensus to make a statement. The viewer is offered insights into the intermediate worlds of the characters, which should provoke conscientious differentiation and create access to sensitive topics.

Marc Elsner has worked with Mutter, Die Haut, Handfullaflowers, Blixa Bargeld, Alexander Hacke, Asphalt Tango Records (Borat, Fanfare Ciocarlia), Stefan Warmuth, Meret Becker, Ben Becker, Jürgen Vogel, Axel Milberg, Christian Berkel, Andres Veiel, Arpad Bondy, Sasha Walz and is the owner and managing director of Marx Audio GmbH.

Marc Elsner.png

Marc Elsner

director | producer | audio engineer | musician

“Fast pace and the omnipresent of the unexpected must be perceived and taken with you every day as a unique opportunity. Acting out these stimulus points in a team is an enormous and fascinating challenge "


Florian Willuhn

audio engineer | camera | editor

" When I am faced with a new challenge and every little discovery opens new doors, I would like to start all over again with the new knowledge." 

Since he was 8 years old, Florian Willuhn has shown great interest in the music industry.
Through daily practice, unstoppable euphoria and growing curiosity to discover new possibilities with his guitar, he released his first EP at the tender age of 17.

The universal talent from Zwickau experimented with various software to have sound and tone sound even more individual.
With his very own style, he created a signature, which allows him to communicate with the viewer and the audience.

In the Marx Audio Studios, not only his skills as a trained sound engineer are put to use, but also his objective perception of the extent to which sound can be harmonious with the image. He acquired the editing and analysis of each and individual scene himself and has been an integral part of CaGeMe productions since 2019.

"I like to compare postproduction with computer games, even though I have no experience in this area. Nevertheless, I like the speed that accelerates thanks to the experience".

InesAylmira King has (over) three nationalities: German, Canadian and Swiss, modern free and zeitgeist, free house included.

The temporary Catalan-by-choice and founder of "Butlers, Kings & Queens" and the Creative Talent & Artist Platform "musing+" have always run across borders.
Ines' cosmopolitan spirit infects every team around her and demonstrates euphoria for the cause, releasing positive energy for the workflow and juvenile innovation of the vision. The art and culture fanatic undauntedly conveys that limitations are only inside ones' mind and unlimited thinking is the roadmap for free spiritual expression.

With more than 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, where she had worked with Kate Moss, Roman Coppola, Victoria Beckham and Spanish sports stars (Nadal, Messi, Alonso, among others), she has been professionally and passionately advising the young CaGeMe team since 2020.


Ines Aylmira King

creative executive | producer

"Stress = balm - for passion & wallet!"


Roger Döring

musician | actor

"I see myself in CaGeMe productions like the puck in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. A mixture of faun, fool, goblin, clown, maybe an outlaw. To put it simply, an intellectual bum."

The genuine Neuköllner Roger Döing has been on stage as a trained actor and self-taught musician for over 40 years.

The multi-instrumentalist inspires not only the film and theatre scene but also the Japanese guitarist and composer Takeshi Nishimoto and the German instrumental composer Marsen Jules. Marsen and Roger composed a new soundtrack for the silent film classic "Nosferatu" by Murnau, which can still be experienced live.
Since 1999 he has been a member of the German trio "Dictaphone" and has worked with Rudi Moser from the "Einstürzende Neubauten" and Christian Meyer under the name "MoserMeyerDöring" among others.
"ANIMA" the rock-fusion band founded by Monica Ercolani and Marc Elsner, welcomed the West Berliner with open arms and opened up into a new, delightful world of sound.

The clarinetist and saxophonist already flared up in 2019 for the production "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" and will not only be audible in the following cooperation but will also present his acting talent on the big screen.

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